After a long wait episode 02 is now done. It includes some musings on Systems Biology and an interview with Pedro Beltrao (starting at 7:10). The full collection of links (articles, clips, tracks etc.) is here and brief show notes bellow. The gap between episodes has admittedly been long but I’m giving myself a pass just this once. During that time there were funding issues at my current company; as a result I’ve negotiated a new job (more on that soon), and took a holiday. I don’t want to make any claims about release frequency, although ideally once per month, but for now let’s just say that each episode will be done when it’s done. Finally, thanks to Pedro for doing the interview and leave a comment if there any problems with the feeds, iTunes or audio quality.


  • Why Systems Biology?

Biological Complexity

Interview: Pedro Beltrao

Scale, complexity, synthetic biology